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Max. exposure schedule 15/20 minutes.


Bring the beach into your salon with the new Soltron XXS-35 Seashell – an incredible find for your tanning customers. They‘ll pick this beautiful model with its curvaceous acrylic. While laying inside the Seashell, 32, 120-watt lamps and 400-watt facial tanner will make them feel as though they‘re on the beach — and tan them just as well.

An optional external cooling system creates the feeling of trade winds across the ocean that waft over your sun-drenched body. Tanners will get the sensation that they‘re relaxing under a beach umbrella and can lay down and enjoy in complete comfort.

The Soltron XXS-35 Seashell includes a 400-watt facial tanner. This high-pressure unit adds extra UV power for the difficult to tan face and neck area. It‘s as if the sun was turned up an extra notch.


Facts and Figures

  • 15 or 20 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
  • 32 Soltron High-tech Lamps at 120 Watts Each
  • 1 Facial Tanner at 400 Watts

  • Contemporary Design
  • High-gloss Finish

  • Extended Tanning Surface
  • Optional: Body Cooling Fan

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