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The Multivision experience starts the moment you put on the Reflex Visor. Known for its ergonomic engineering, Ergoline has naturally designed the Reflex Visor to be ergonomically comfortable. It adapts to the individual's head and can be re-positioned with ease. Nearsighted people can normally view the monitor picture. However, farsighted people should consult with salon personnel first. Never wear glasses or contact lenses while tanning.
The main menu appears on the Multivision Monitor at the start of the tanning session. By bending the arm, the user intuitively reaches the Multivision control panel above them. With a convenient ergonomic finger rest positioned below the tanning bed control panel, the three buttons are thumb-operated. Using two arrow buttons and a confirmation button, navigating through the menu options couldn't be easier. All tanning bed functions are controlled through "Operation." "Multivision" takes you to the visual experience features.
All tanning bed functions at a glance: Tanning clients will easily find the right setting for their specific needs under "Operation" in the main menu column. Whether they select body ventilation, facial tanner output, or any other sunbed function, everything can be set up in a few simple steps. The clearly structured screen menu design and direction buttons help tanning clients preview and select which functions they can control.
Ergoline Multivision delivers the ultimate in tanning bed entertainment. Tanning clients who want to watch TV can select their favorite channel, well-being-oriented users can select the "Color Moods" light programs - either revitalizing or relaxing. Salon owners that have Ergoline Multivision can look forward to satisfied customers with this.

Facts and Figures


  • Reflex Visor Special multi-layer optical equipment (two Reflex Visors come standard with every Multivision system)
  • UV-A and UV-B eye protection
  • Filter with anti-glare coating
  • Optional: Security lanyard to protect Reflex Visor from theft


  • Monitor with specially coated filter
  • Type: TFT LCD display
  • Size: 10.4 inches
  • Resolution: 800 x 600
  • Filter for protection from UV radiation and dirt


  • Linux-based system with quick guide acrylic panel for wall mounting
  • Connection: S-Video
  • Multivision control, pre-configured for future developments


  • 2.1 Satellite sub-woofer ESP system with transmission line (2 speakers + 1 sub-woofer via sound guide, ESP=sub-woofer cannot be overdriven)
  • Required internal dimensions for Excellence and Evolution speaker cabinets including
  • Multivision or 3D-Sound speaker (L x W in inches): 94.5 x 90.5


  • Four integrated 25-watt spaghetti lamps


  • Available for analog cable TV
    Colored light therapy – Color Moods
  • “Relax” and “Vital”

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